Thursday, March 26, 2015

At the Water’s Edge by, Sara Gruen

At the Water’s Edge by, Sara Gruen

Release Date March 31, 2015

Rich party kids Ellis, his wife Maddie and their best friend Hank could care less that there is a war going on, all they want to do is party, but when a night of partying goes a bit too far and Ellis causes his parents some embarrassment they are tossed from the family home. To try to get back into his parent’s good graces the threesome decides to travel to Scotland to find the great monster that caused quite a stir when Ellis’ parents were involved in the search years ago. What starts out as a whim turns into something completely different.

Both Ellis and Hank are exempt from fighting in the military Ellis is color blind and Hank has flat feet so they both seem so oblivious to the fact that there is a war going on that they travel by ship into Nazi infested waters to the great Loch ness but what they see on the ship and in Scotland still has no effect on the two men but Maddie is starting to see the world, her husband and his friend with very different eyes. Once in Scotland we see a very different side to Ellis and it is not a pretty side he seemed like a happy-go-lucky party boy but there is a dark side a very dark side and Maddie does not like what she sees.

I loved Maddie's journey throughout this book from party girl without much will of her own to a strong woman on her own two feet. I really enjoyed this book and read it very quickly, I enjoyed the growing friendships Maddie made in Scotland and the side stories about the locals.

The writing of this book, the descriptions of Scottish countryside and how the war affected the locals were so good it gave a bit of a day in life of these people so affected by the war. Plus we have the loch ness monster and who doesn’t enjoy a loch ness story.

All in all I really enjoyed this story and would recommend it.

4 Stars

I received this book from Netgalley and the publisher for a fair and honest review.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

In the Morning I'll Be Gone by Adrian McKinty, narrated by, Gerard Doyle~~ArmchairAudies

This is just a mini-review because this book just didn't do it for me.

Armchair Audies Review

In the Morning I'll Be Gone (Sean Duffy #3) by Adrian McKinty, narrated by, Gerard Doyle

Blackstone Audio

Nominated in Thriller/Suspense

Gerard Doyle’s narration is fabulous this man has a chameleon voice he can do any accent and every single person has a very distinct voice he is amazing!

The book however, was just okay. Maybe I don’t know enough about the troubles with the IRA in the 80’s in Ireland to really be the target audience for this book. I don’t know if I would have enjoyed this better if I had read the first 2 books.

This book was okay but didn’t really grab me enough to want to read anymore in the series.

2 1/2 star book

5 star narration

Friday, February 27, 2015

Yellow Crocus by Laila Ibrahim narrated by, Bahni Turpin ~~ Armchair Audies

Yellow Crocus by Laila Ibrahim narrated by, Bahni Turpin ~~ Armchair Audies

Brilliance Publishing

Nominated for an Audie in the Solo Female narration category

I read this book in print back in 2012 and if I remember right I read it in Bahni’s voice so was very happy to listen to the real thing. Bahni Turpin’s narration was amazing; she is such a great narrator. Every character has their own voice and her male voices are great too.  She makes this story come to life and embodies every character and makes them real.

This is a beautifully written book about a young white girl Lisbeth or Miss Elizabeth as her parents want her known as who grows up on Fair Oaks Plantation in the 1800’s. When Lisbeth is born she is handed from her mother to slave/wet-nurse Mattie who has been taken from the Quarters and her newborn son to the Big House and Elizabeth’s mother thinks she should be so grateful to be living in the lap of luxury. As time goes on Lisbeth learns to love and depend on Mattie much more than her own mother but Lisbeth is young and naïve and doesn’t realize there is much more to life on the plantation than she is seeing.

This is a coming of age story as we watch Lisbeth from the time she is born till she is a grown woman, we watch as innocence is replaced with knowledge and knowledge is not always a happy thing. This realization is a slow building and at times Lisbeth doesn’t want to see but when the time comes she has to make a choice- “ Decisions to make, she thought to herself. She was too tired to make any more decisions.”

I loved the character of Mattie she has this outlook on life that is inspiring especially considering the life she lives as a slave. And even though she had to leave her own child to take care of Lisbeth she loved the girl.

These characters were so real to me I could hear their voices in my head; I could see what they saw. This author gave voice to these people in such a beautiful way I can’t even come close to finding the correct words to explain it. This is a debut novel and I am amazed by that and hope this author writes many. Many more books because I plan on reading them all!

Beautiful southern historical fiction I highly recommend!

5 Stars

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Murphy's Law by, Rhys Bowen narrated by, Nicola Barber ~~ArmchairAudies

Murphy's Law (Molly Murphy Mysteries #1) by, Rhys Bowen narrated by, Nicola Barber

Audible Inc.

Nominated for an Audies in the Solo Female narration category

Nicola Barber’s narration is well done, she has many different accents in this book from Irish to American to a little Italian, and her male voices are also very good. I enjoyed her narration and I think it added to my enjoyment of this book.

Molly Murphy accidently killed a man after he attacked her it was self-defense but she ran away and ran all the way to America under an assumed name. While waiting to get through Ellis Island another man is murdered and Molly was seen arguing with him hours before his death and becomes a suspect in the murder. Molly decides to investigate and of course things don’t go well.

I did enjoy the descriptions of New York City in this time period (the early 1900’s) how Molly was expecting Americans and found that NY City was really just a bunch of little countries that didn’t mix with each other, when she is out trying to find a job and runs into ladies that make shirts but the boss won’t hire her because she isn’t Italian, and how the Irish all live in one area and the Italians in another and so on and so forth with all the different ethnic groups not wanting anything to do with each other. Also the descriptions of Tammany Hall and the corruption there was interesting too.

This was more of a whodunit than a mystery as Molly tries to find the man she saw the night of the murder, she takes a liking to the good looking police man who seems to be the only one that believes she is innocent. You can guess what happens with them by the end of the book.

This is a good historical cozy with characters you come to like, Bowen is a good author and I liked Molly, but I do like Georgiana from the Royal Spyness series better, however I would pick up another one of these up to see where Molly goes from here.

3 ½ Stars

Monday, February 23, 2015

Until the End of the World by,Sarah Lyons Fleming narrated by, Julia Whelan ~~ArmchairAudies

Until the End of the World (Until the End of the World #1) by Sarah Lyons Fleming narrated by, Julia Whelan

Podium Publishing

Nominated for an Audie in the Sole Female Narration Category

Julie Whelan’s narration is well done, I enjoyed her many female voices, however at times her male voices muddled together, especially when Nelly and John are talking and Nelly’s accent isn’t as pronounced I wasn’t sure which man was talking. I did enjoy her narration very much as I always do and love her regular talking voice, and the whininess of Anna was good and not overdone to be annoying, well any more annoying the character of Anna is!

I never thought I would be a fan of zombies until The Walking Dead came out actually I didn’t even watch the first season until it was on Netflix then I was hooked. However I haven’t read many zombie books, so this probably wouldn’t have been a book I would have picked up on my own but thanks to the Armchair Audies I had the pleasure of listening to this one. I mention The Walking Dead because this has the same feel to it, in that you care about the group and you want them all to survive.

This is so much more than a zombie book though, it is about survival. This group of people is lucky to have Cassie, her parents were preppers so she has some skills and also a cabin full of food and anything they need to survive but first they need to get there. The group consists of Cassie her now ex-boyfriend Peter (Yes, Cassie picked the day the world fell apart to break up with him), her two best friends Nelly and Penny and Penny’s bratty little sister Anna. And some people they encounter along the way. (No Spoilers) There are some safe havens and one happens to be run by Cassie’s ex-fiancé Adrian, but she broke his heart and isn’t sure he’d want to see her anyway  and besides they are doing okay at her parents cabin right??!!?? Well it is the zombie apocalypse and things don’t always go as you want or expect them to.

The characters in this book are very well written, you want to cheer for a couple, and smack a couple others but as a whole you want this group to survive even the ones that need to grow up and stop making things worse for everyone. I am completely hooked on this series and will be continuing on (in fact I am listening to the novella ‘So Long Lollipops’ right now) because I need to know where they go from here and if they ever figure out how to get rid of the zombies and what life will become after the end of this book.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book both the great writing and wonderful narration will keep you captivated all the way through. I would recommend this book to anyone who is a Walking Dead fan.

4 ½ Stars 

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Those Who Wish Me Dead by, Michael Koryta Narrated by, Robert Petkoff~~ArmchairAudies

Those Who Wish Me Dead by, Michael Koryta Narrated by, Robert Petkoff

Hachette Audio

Nominated for an Audie in the Thriller/Suspense Category

I thought Robert Petkoff’s narration was amazing  and very impressive especially the narration of the 2 psycho hit men The Blackwell Brothers that are after Jace/Conner then when one of the characters describes how these men talk, it was even more right on because he narrated them exactly how the author describes them. Every character has a distinct voice and his female voices were well done.  I will be seeking out other books Petkoff has narrated. I see he narrates quite a few of Koryta’s books so; I will be listening to more of this author & narrator combo.

This was a great thriller; you could cut the tension with a knife! Jace Wilson is in the wrong place at the wrong time and witnesses two men getting rid of a body and to make matters worse the men know he saw them and now he must die. Jace’s parents decide to send him to a mountain camp for troubled kids, under an assumed name, he hides from the hit men but they know he’s there somewhere and will stop at nothing to find him no matter who gets in their way or who has to die. Ethan, the man running the camp knows he has a witness in the group but doesn’t which boy it is. But the Blackwell brothers do and these are two of the freakiest, creepiest killers I’ve read about in a long time I would not want to be hunted by these men they scared the bejeezus out of me, they were so well written!

This was my first book by Koryta but sure won’t be my last, this book was very hard to stop listening because from beginning to end it was fraught with tension and you just had to know if Jace and the people helping him were going to make it out of these mountains alive.

This book is set in Beartooth Pass between Wyoming and Montana I have been through this pass on the back of Harley in August and it was snowing at the top so I could imagine what it was like hiking through there and how steep it is and all the switchbacks coming up one side and down the other. So was kind of fun to be able to picture this location in my head as I was reading.

If you hadn’t guessed I really enjoyed this book and would highly recommend this thriller!

4 ½ Stars

Friday, February 13, 2015

2015 Armchair Audies~~Let the Fun Begin!

I am participating in The Armchair Audies again this year. I will be reviewing the Audie Nominations in Solo Female Narration, Mystery, and Thriller/Suspense. The Full List of all categories is Here.

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